Akinbode Akinbiyi Artist, Berlin, Germany

Akinbode Akinbiyi, Artist, Berlin, Germany Akinbiyi was born to Nigerian parents in Oxford, England and grew up in both Nigeria and England. He is a passionate photographer of large urban centres, especially on the African continent - Lagos, Cairo, Johannesburg, Addis Ababa, Dakar and Bamako. Akinbiyi sees the photographic image as an opportunity for storytelling, and presents his images in series which tell the story of the contemporary urban condition. He is also a writer and curator and has published and exhibited internationally. Presently he lives Berlin, a home away from home.

Jenny Altschuler Director, Month of Photography, Cape Town, South Africa

Jenny Altschuler, Director, Month of Photography, Cape Town, South Africa Jenny Altschuler is a highly respected photographer, lecturer and mentor living in Cape Town. She has a Masters Degree in Fine Art (2009) from Michaelis School of Art, UCT, and has exhibited in group shows in the USA, Germany, Argentina, Israel and South Africa. Over the past few years Altschuler's work has been showcased at prestigious festivals such as Photoquai Paris at the Musée du quai Branly in 2007, the Symbiosis Festival in Breda, Netherlands in 2011, the International Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography at the Borges Cultural Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2012, and Infecting The City in 2013 in Cape Town, South Africa. Altschuler is the director of the South African Centre for Photography and curator of the biennial Cape Town Month of Photography. Cape Town has been awarded the status of 2014 Design Capital of the World, and as part of the city's official program, Altschuler will be presenting MOP6 under the title "Designing Destiny: Power Within and Outside the Frame". www.photocentre.org.za

Joselina Cruz Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art+Design, Manila, Philippines

Joselina Cruz, Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art+Design, Manila, Philippines Joselina Cruz is a curator based in Manila, Philippines. She was co-curator of the 2008 Singapore Biennale and curated Creative Index in 2010 - a multi-site exhibition in Manila - and Roving Eye in 2011 at the Sørlandets Kunstmuseum in Kristiansand (SKMU), Norway. Cruz has curated many shows including You are not a Tourist, Curating Lab, Singapore, All the Best: The Deutsche Bank Collection and Zaha Hadid, and was curator-in-charge of the Tapies retrospective at the Singapore Art Museum. She is a fellow of the Asian Public Intellectual (API) Programme of the Nippon Foundation and received a visitorship from the Mondriaan Foundation (The Netherlands) and OCA (Norway). She received her MA in Curating Contemporary Art at RCA, London and has worked as a curator for the Lopez Memorial Museum in Manila and the Singapore Art Museum. She has been nominated for several art prizes in Asia and Europe and continues to write essays, reviews, criticism and art commentary. She currently holds the position of director and curator for MCAD Manila (Museum of Contemporary Art and Design), DLS-CSB, Manila. mcadmanila.org.ph

John Fleetwood Head of Market Photo Workshop, Johannesburg, South Africa

John Fleetwood, Head of Market Photo Workshop, Johannesburg, South Africa John Fleetwood is head of the Market Photo Workshop, which is a school, gallery and project space in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Photo Workshop runs extended courses and multi-layered public development programmes that respond to the complex conditions of South African education, culture, and identity within a contemporary understanding of photography. Fleetwood spearheads the educational and artistic frameworks of the school and gallery. Fleetwood is the curator of Photoquai 2013: Africa (Paris, Sep 2013) and co-curator for Transition - a collaboration between South African and French photographers regarding South African land and the role that photography continues to play in the representation and re-imagining of this land (Johannesburg, Nov 2012 & Rencontres d’Arles, Jul 2013). Fleetwood’s key photographic interests are in the developing mode of documentary photography and in particular the possibilities for photography within the aesthetics of advocacy. www.marketphotoworkshop.co.za

Benjamin Füglister Artist and founder of PPA, Berlin, Germany

Benjamin Füglister, Artist and founder of PPA, Berlin, Germany Berlin-based artist Benjamin Füglister was born in 1978 in Zurich, Switzerland. In his work Füglister explores the interchange between photographic media and modern society, questioning social conventions and their visual transformation. He focuses on how photography can be used as an interface to observe and visualize the metamorphosis of the image of man. He was the founding member of sodbrand, a magazine for words and images. In 2009 he founded piclet.org, a platform for hand-picked photographers’ portfolios, in order to counteract the leveling of photography by democratic processes on the internet. Since 2006 he has worked as a co-editor at European Photography Magazine. Füglister is the founder of POPCAP – the piclet.org Prize for Contemporary African Photography. www.piclet.org

Ángel Luis González Fernández Director, PhotoIreland, Dublin, Ireland

Ángel Luis González Fernández, 
Director, PhotoIreland, Dublin, Ireland Ángel Luis González Fernández is originally from Spain, but has been living in Ireland for the past 14 years. In 2009 he founded PhotoIreland, an organization dedicated to stimulating dialogue regarding photography in Ireland. In 2010 he launched The PhotoIreland Festival - Ireland’s first international festival of photography and image culture. In 2011 he received the David Manley Arts Entrepreneur of the Year award, in acknowledgement of his efforts in the development of the organisation. In 2011 PhotoIreland celebrated Ireland’s first Book & Magazine Fair, dedicated to Photography. It was the germ of The Library Project, a unique public resource library focused on the photobook opened this year in Dublin, holding over 700 publications. He has also developed photography events such as Après Paris, an informative event intended for local audiences who can’t make it to the Paris Photo Fair in November. Ángel is co-author of Martin Parr’s Best Books of the Decade, a book published to coincide with the exhibition of the same name held at the National Photographic Archive in Dublin. photoireland.org

Yumi Goto Independent art and documentary photography curator, editor, researcher & consultant, Japan

Yumi Goto, Independent art and documentary photography curator, editor, researcher, consultant, Japan Yumi Goto is an experienced independent art and documentary photography curator, editor, researcher and consultant who focuses on the development of cultural exchanges that transcend borders. She collaborates with local and international artists who live and work in areas effected by conflict, natural disasters, current social problems, human rights abuses and women¹s issues.Goto is a Prix Pictet Photography Prize nominator, 2012 MAGNUM Emergency Fund nominator, Photo City Sagamihara Asia Prize nominator and a founder of the Asian Women photographers showcase. She is now working as a full-time curator and photography consultant for the Reminders Photography Stronghold. reminders-project.org/rps

Elda Harrington Director, Encuentros Abiertos, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Elda Harrington, Director, Encuentros Abiertos, Buenos Aires, Argentina Elda Harrington was born and raised in Buenos Aires, is a qualified lawyer, and has worked as a professor at Buenos Aires University. She has been involved in the world of photography since 1984, and is a photographer, curator, art dealer and teacher. Harrington's photography has been included in several exhibitions and has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art (MAMBA), the Recoleta Cultural Centre, the Palais de Glace, Sivori Museum and San Martin Cultural Centre. She founded the “Escuela Argentina de Fotografía” in 1987 and continues to run it. The school has been ranked as the best educational centre for photography in Argentina. In 1989 she launched the “Encuentros Abiertos”, helping Argentine photography to be recognized around the world. Harrington currently runs “Fundación Luz Austral”, which was created in 1999 to promote photography by organizing the Encuentros Abiertos, editing books and catalogues and organizing exhibitions in Argentina and abroad. Due to her expertise in photography, she is consulted by institutions such as Photographic Resource Center of Boston University, Guggenheim Award, FOA Paul Huf Award, Mois de la Photo of Paris and Bamako Encounters in Mali. She regularly reviews portfolios for events such as FotoFest, PhotoEspaña, PhotoRio, Mirafoto, Fotoseptiembre. She continues to participate in various art fairs as both an artist and an art dealer. She has been a member of juries for a number of international contests and prizes such as those held in Biarritz, Bamako, Argentina. www.encuentrosabiertos.com.ar

Peter Herrmann Gallery owner, Lomé, Togo

Peter Herrmann 
Gallery owner, Lomé, Togo Peter Herrmann has worked in the field of African Art since 1985 and has run his Lomé-based gallery since 1989. His gallery was inittially located in Stuttgart and later Berlin, Germany for 25 years. Before running a gallery Peter Herrmann spent 10 years living in several countries on the African continent and now works as a consultant for African art and culture in political and economical affairs. Peter Herrmann's expertise regarding cultural exchange matters has been in demand for many years. As a curator he has organized more than 300 exhibitions and produced several film and photography projects. www.galerie-herrmann.com

David KnausDirector, Marrakech Museum of Photography and Visual Arts, Morocco

David	Knaus, Director, Marrakech Museum of Photography and Visual Arts, Morocco In late 2011 David Knaus became the managing director of the Marrakech Museum of Photography and Visual Arts in Morocco. He has been involved in the photography and visual arts community as a collector and patron since the late 1980s. He is chair of the Board of Fellows at The Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona, was a founding member of the J. Paul Getty Museum Photographs Council, and is a member of Tate Modern’s Photography Collection Council. In April 2012 he helped establish the Photography Council at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. David also serves on the board of Andrea Zittel’s High Desert Test Sites Foundation. mmpva.org

Bohnchang Koo Artist, Seoul, Korea

Bohnchang	Koo, Artist, Seoul, Korea Bohnchang Koo currently lives in Seoul, Korea. Koo’s work has always dealt with the passage of time. He captures still and fragile moments, attempting to reveal the unseen breath of life. He is a highly regarded teacher and curator and received his diploma in photography from the Fachhochschule in Hamburg, Germany in 1985. His work has been exhibited in 32 solo exhibitions in Korea, Japan, Germany, France, Denmark and in the USA where he is represented by Hasted Hunt. www.bckoo.com

Michket Krifa Curator, Paris, France

Michket Krifa, Curator, Paris, France Michket Krifa is an independent curator, author and consultant for visual arts in the Middle East and Africa. She lives in Paris and has been the artistic director of the 8th and 9th Les Rencontres de Bamako, Biennale Africaine de la Photographie since 2009. Michket Krifa collaborates with many institutions and has organized Middle Eastern and African photography events in Europe and abroad. She has written many essays and articles on photography and has edited books and catalogues.

Missla Libsekal Editor-in-chief, Anotherafrica, Vancouver, Canada

Missla Libsekal, Editor-in-chief, Anotherafrica, Vancouver, Canada Missla Libsekal was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and is a nomad, writer and design consultant. In 2010 she founded the online platform Another Africa, a new venue to chart mythologies about contemporary art and culture from an African perspective. "Art is powerful, it simply needs unleashing and ultimately it will influence, inspire and help to reclaim Africa. The arts are not a first-world luxury, Another Africa is intended to be a constant reminder of this". www.anotherafrica.net

Bart Luirink Publisher of ZAM Magazine, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Bart Luirink, Publisher of ZAM Magazine, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Journalist and author Bart Luirink was born in Amsterdam in 1954 and now lives between Johannesburg and Amsterdam. He was the editor of De Anti Apartheidskrant from 1989 to 1994, and co-founded the Amsterdam-based Thami Mnyele Artist Residence in 1992. Between 1993 and 2011 he was a Southern African correspondent for Dutch newspapers, radio and television, and is the founder of Behind the Mask, an ezine about gay and lesbian affairs in Africa. Since 2004 he has worked as an editor for ZAM Magazine, which represents a network of more than 700 investigative journalists, photographers, designers, artists, activists and academics in Africa and beyond. The platform publishes the monthly online magazine The ZAM Chronicle. Luirink has published a number of books, including "Zingende Pijnbomen, een kroniek van Amsterdam, Zuid-Afrika" (1996), "Moffies, gay life in Southern Africa" (2000), "Voor Nelson Mandela, voetnoten en verhalen bij zijn 90ste verjaardag", ed. (2008), "Puur Goud, andere verhalen uit Zuid-Afrika" (2010). www.zam-magazine.nl

Karen McQuaid Curator, The Photographers' Gallery, London, United Kingdom

Karen McQuaid, Curator, The Photographers' Gallery, London, United Kingdom Karen McQuaid is Curator at The Photographers’ Gallery and has been in post since 2009. Previous to her appointment as Curator she worked extensively on the talks and lectures strands at the gallery- co-organising the symposium Contemporary Vernacular Photogaphies with the Institute of Modern and Contemporary Culture in 2011. Karen has curated exhibitions such as Jim Goldberg, Open See; Fiona Tan, Vox Populi London; and Claire Aho, Studio Works. She co-curated Geraldo deBarros, What Remains, and has also facilitated a number of Soho community artists projects, collaborating with artists such as Virginia Nimarkoh. Karen is currently working on an exhibition of Andy Warhol’s late photography. She regularly writes for international arts publications and institutions, and guest lectures across the UK. thephotographersgallery.org.uk

Jeanne Mercier Founder of Afrique en Visu, Paris, France

Jeanne 	Mercier, Founder of Afrique en Visu, Paris, France Jeanne Mercier is the co-founder and chief editor of Afrique in Visu, the first photography exchange platform and network in Africa. She wrote her thesis on Les Rencontres Africaines de la Photographie. Mercier works closely with the Artistic Council of Festivals and Artists and is currently conducting research regarding photographers in northern Africa. She is particularly interested in the emergence of new forms of photographic distribution in Africa. www.afriqueinvisu.org

Andreas Müller-Pohle Artist and publisher of European Photography, Berlin, Germany

Andreas Müller-Pohle
, Artist and publisher of European Photography, Berlin, Germany Andreas Müller-Pohle is a Berlin-based media artist and publisher. He studied Economics and Communication at the Universities of Hannover and Göttingen and, in 1979, founded European Photography, an independent art magazine for contemporary photography and new media. His first photography projects focused on questions of photographic perception, and later on photo recycling. In the mid-1990s, he began to explore the use of digital, genetic and political codes. In his most recent works he explores the subject of water via a series of portraits of the Danube river and the metropolis of Hong Kong. As a publisher Müller-Pohle has issued the major works of media philosopher Vilém Flusser, available today in the ten-volume Edition Flusser and including the seminal Philosophy of Photography which has been translated into over 20 languages. In 2001 Müller-Pohle was awarded the European Photography Prize by the Reind M. De Vries Foundation. He has authored numerous texts on photo theory and visualism, and has worked as a visiting professor and instructor. www.equivalence.com

Aida Muluneh Artist and director Addis Foto Fests, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

Aida Muluneh	
, Artist and director Addis Foto Fests, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia Born in Ethiopia in 1974, Aïda left the country at a young age and spent an itinerant childhood between Yemen and England. After several years in a boarding school in Cyprus, she finally settled in Canada in 1985. In 2000 she graduated from Howard University in Washington, D.C with a degree from the Communication Department with a major in film. After graduation she worked as a photojournalist at the Washington Post and other publications. As an exhibiting artist, a collection of her images can be found in the permanent collection at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African Art and the Museum of Biblical Art in the United States. She is the 2007 recipient of the European Union Prize in Les Rencontres Africaines de la Photographie in Bamako, Mali, as well as the 2010 winner of the CRAF International Award of Photography in Spilimbergo, Italy. Aïda is the founder and director of the first international photography festival in Ethiopia, the Addis Foto Fest. She continues to curate and develop cultural projects with local and international institutions through her company DESTA, Developing and Educating Society Through Art for Africa in Addis Ababa. www.addisfotofest.com

Moritz Neumüller Curator, Barcelona, Spain

Moritz Neumüller
, Curator, Barcelona, Spain Moritz Neumüller was born in Linz, Austria in 1972, and is a curator, educator and writer in the field of photography and new media. He holds a Masters in Art History and a PhD in Information Management and has worked for several important art institutions, such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, PhotoEspaña in Madrid and LOOP in Barcelona. He is currently working as the festival curator of PhotoIreland in Dublin and is directing a study program for the Istituto di Design in Madrid called European Master of Fine Art Photography. Since 2010 he has run the The Curator Ship, an online resource for visual artists. thecuratorship.wordpress.com

Azu Nwagbogu Director of Lagos Photo Festival, Lagos, Nigeria

Azu Nwagbogu, Director of Lagos Photo Festival, Lagos, Nigeri Azu Nwagbogu is the founder and director of the African Artists’ Foundation (AAF), a non-profit organization based in Lagos, Nigeria, that is dedicated to the promotion and development of contemporary African arts and artists. Established in 2007, the AAF organizes art exhibitions, competitions, and workshops with the aim of unearthing and developing talent in Nigeria. In 2008 Nwagbogu founded the National Art Competition, an annual arts competition that provides emerging Nigerian artists with a platform for professional exposure. Nwagbogu is also the founder and director of the LagosPhoto Festival, an annual international arts festival of photography that brings leading local and international photographers into dialogue with multifaceted stories of Africa. Nwagbogu lives in Lagos, Nigeria. www.lagosphotofestival.com

Jürg Schneider Historian, Basel, Switzerland

Jürg Schneider is a researcher affiliated with the Centre for African Studies at the University of Basel. He received his PhD on the early history of African Photography in 2011, and his writings on historical and contemporary African photography and photography in Africa have appeared in various journals and books. He is co-founder of www.africaphotography.org, a website dedicated to African photographers who have made profound contributions to the visual development of the continent since the 19th century. He is also co-founder of www.african-photography-initiatives.org, a website involved in various projects aiming to promote Africa’s rich photographic heritage; in particular the protection of African photo archives as places of historical visual memories through conservation measures, digitization and storage. african-photography-initiatives.org

Jennifer Shaw Director of Photo NOLA, New Orleans, USA

Jennifer Shaw, Director of Photo NOLA, New Orleans, USA Jennifer Shaw is the founder and director of PhotoNOLA, New Orleans’ annual photography festival. The festival is presented by the New Orleans Photo Alliance (NOPA) in partnership with museums and galleries citywide, and showcases works from local and international artists. Shaw was a founding officer of the NOPA, a volunteer-run, non-profit organization whose mission is to encourage the understanding and appreciation of photography. She teaches the disappearing art of darkroom photography at the Louise S. McGehee School, in addition to chasing after two young sons and pursuing her own photographic practice. Shaw earned a BFA in photography at the Rhode Island School of Design. Her photographs have been featured in B&W, American Photo, Shots, Light Leaks, The Sun and Oxford American magazines; online publications including NPR, Fraction Magazine, One One Thousand, Lenscratch and Brain Pickings; and are included in two recent monographs: Hurricane Story (Chin Music Press, 2011) and Nature/Nurture (North Light Press, 2012). Her work is exhibited widely and held in collections, including those at the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art and the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. photonola.org

Daniel Sosa Director of Centro de la Fotografia de Montevideo, Montevideo, Urugay

Daniel Sosa, Director of Centro de la Fotografia de Montevideo, Montevideo, Urugay Uruguayan born in 1971, the photographer Daniel Sosa was one of the creators of the "Centro de Fotografía" (Photograph centre) of Montevideo, where he works as the director since 2002. Institution dedicated to diffusion of the photography of Latin America; this centre has more than 100 thousand historical pictures between 1840 and 1990, and more than 30 thousand contemporary images created from 1990 until now. One of the editors of the "Sueño de la Razón" magazine, permanently coordinates five exposition rooms, in which the works of the Uruguayan contemporary photographers and also from other countries are exposed. Furthermore, produces a weekly television show, f/22, devoted to reflecting and promotion of photography. The CdF organizes the international meeting of photography "Fotograma" biennially, in which Daniel Sosa is the general coordinator. cdf.montevideo.gub.uy