Léonard Pongo, Winner POPCAP'14

Born in 1988 in Liège, Belgium. Lives in Brussels, Belgium

The Uncanny, 2013

"The Uncanny" is a documentary project conducted in Congo DR in the provinces of Kinshasa, Bas-Congo, Bandundu, Kasaï, and Katanga since the political elections of Fall 2011. It was carried out by accompanying family members, political personalities, religious leaders and local TV in order to document the events that rhythm the life of the country‘s inhabitant and try to understand the congolese society and accidentally recovering part of my own identity.

This story brings a vision of the country experienced from within. It tries to show the collateral impact of the war instead of the direct hits. My need to see my country from a different point of view than the often depicted crises, combined with the openness of people to share their most intimate moments with me, and my willingness to be accepted as part of their lives, allowed me to depict my country intimately and subjectively, not trying to deliver a truth, but striving to understand people‘s realities and to reconstruct my own.